Kuu International Inc.


Featured Products

Featured Products

Beauty Soap Kuu

Remove old keratin and dirt that cause dullnessTo beautiful skin

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Kuu International Co., Ltd.

You can spend your life with a smile only if you have a “health” foundation. In addition, you can pursue “beauty and health”.
Kuu International Co., Ltd. sells health foods and cosmetics to make this happen. We also support the development of original products and the production of OEM and private products. Hope to help you for your health and beauty.


Tel 0566-95-3722

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Company Profile

Company name Kuu International Co., Ltd.
Main office 2-7-6-6 Misono-cho, Anjo City, Aichi, Japan
TEL:0566-95-3722 FAX:0566-73-0282
Business description ・Cosmetics, DietarySupplements, HealthFood manufacturing, retail, wholesale, OEM
・Seminar lecturer、Esthetic instructor
・Esthetic salon produce、Salon consulting
・Esthetic salon opening support
 (EstheticMenu coordination、Selection of esthetic equipment、Esthetic class)
・Salon management <Health&Beauty空>
Company formation 1st day of 2013
Major trading partners 株式会社バイオラブ
Customer financial institution Hekikai Shinkin Bank
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Capital 4 million yen
Representative's name Kikumi Aida